Grant Proposal – April 2022

We are sharing the proposal that we submitted to the Cotyledon Fund who supported us last year with a grant.

Vanda is the primary writer and the ideas emerged from conversations that she, Verene, Selene, and Miki were in with the program office from the Cotyledon Fund. During these conversations we experienced breakthroughs in understanding ourselves, the nature of funding relationships, and a host of other elements. This proposal is written from the perspective of reducing to a minimum any aspect of instrumental relationships between NGL and the fund.

Of course we are hoping that this proposal will mark the beginning of a relationship of discovery and collaboration, of true partnership with the fund, including NGL offering them support in their quests related to philanthropy. And, deeper than this, those of us involved are at peace knowing we honored truth and life in what we are putting out, and that putting this together is valuable regardless of the outcome.

Even if you are not going to read it, we invite you to take a look at the proposal itself. It’s filled with visuals that many of us find deeply beautiful. It feels like a significant step for NGL. An articulation of an orientation we aim to bring with other possible funders.

Read the Grant Proposal