Current Components

Even as this program is not yet public, it has already started, and will continue to unfold without ever being fully “ready”: ongoing design and learning is built into its core concept.

Overarching design

  • NGL is available wherever people are, anywhere in the world.
  • Distance learning is the main form that NGL takes and is available year-round to all members.
  • In-person learning and community building happens either when providers offer it, or when members self-organize, locally or regionally.
  • NGL is in an going transition to becoming a platform for its unique framework, beyond the association with Miki. This is work in progress.
  • NGL activities are divided into three types: core offerings, self-organized options, and design and maintenance. In addition, since all NGL members are welcome to observe all NGL meetings, learning about systems, facilitation, and collaboration is readily available to all in vivo.

Core offerings

Core offerings are given by providers.

  • The core learning element is case-study, which is designed to be offered in at least two formats:
    • Regularly scheduled coaching calls for people in the program/community. Within these calls, anyone can bring a situation in which they are applying the NGL framework for coaching and support from a provider or other participant.
    • Opportunities to join specific coaching calls scheduled whenever a provider agrees to engage with someone in an in-depth way exploring a particular situation and/or piece of theory.
  • From time to time, providers may schedule specific offerings on a topic (e.g. a session on the principle of willingness; a conversation on a particular topic; an interview with a guest; etc.)
  • Annual “Mobilizing for Nonviolent Global Liberation: a Retreat to Co-create Personal and Collective Capacity” with providers offered in different places (currently in Europe and in the US).
    • Open to all, not only members
    • Co-designed with community members to allow maximal opportunities for them to learn and contribute while others are newly exposed to the NGL framework and experience
    • Ongoing refinement of NGL systems as applied to the particular context of a transient physical community which is different from the flow sustaining the ongoing online community
  • NGL members have access to all of NGL’s materials, currently consisting of many hundreds of pages, videos, and audio created by Miki (much with her late sister Inbal), as well as a bibliography of other materials which keeps being updated. (Note: considering the volume of materials, initially new members are given access to a basic packet to be expanded gradually over time based on interest and connection between existing and new members. Also: the entirety of the set is not yet ready, and a project is underway to create digestible packets of information/materials based on the scope of work themes.)
  • NGL members have access to a growing library of recordings of NGL design, maintenance, and project meetings, NGL conversations, and NGL coaching calls
  • NGL provides infrastructural support for self-organized activities.

Self-organized options

The activities described below are based on ideas that emerged during the design phase of the program. For any of these ideas, or any new ones that will be added as the program unfolds, to become a reality would require one or more members to take initiative to make them happen.

  • Online interaction with other learners and opportunities to expand and consolidate learning with other people while discussing and exploring self-paced learning elements
  • Robust and sophisticated peer support elements for empathy, feedback, coaching, sharing of tips, learning and work opportunities, and co-creation beyond what can now be imagined
  • Attention to identifying potential projects to focus collective energy
    • A new project will need at least one participant who is passionate about it and has sufficient support within the community/program to be able to take the lead in making it happen
    • See initial list of possible projects below.
  • Member-only self-organized and self-led retreat on each continent where there are enough people who want to do it

Design and maintenance activities

As part of its foundational design, NGL includes a number of teams that support its ongoing evolving design and maintenance. This approach aims to make NGL operate in integrity with the NGL framework and to exist as a lab for the approach itself. The currently existing design and maintenance teams are listed below. Information about which teams are available to be joined and what support may be needed is designed to be available to members after joining and becoming ready to commit.

  • Community and team building: ongoing attention to how to create sense of community in online environment
  • Conflict resolution: ongoing iterative design of the conflict resolution system within NGL
  • Decision-making: ongoing iterative design of the decision-making system within NGL
  • External communications: ongoing attention to communicating about NGL to people who are not part of NGL
  • Feedback loops: ongoing iterative design of the feedback loops within NGL
  • Information flow: ongoing attention to how information travels within NGL and what infrastructure will support it best
  • Learning design: ongoing iterative design of the structure of NGL learning activities
  • Onboarding: ongoing design and attention to how new members join NGL and become integrated into it
  • Providers circle: ongoing attention to the role of providers, how people become providers, how providers engage with each other and coordinate activities, and more
  • Purpose and values: ongoing attention to the way that NGL functions and how its purpose and values would affect all other systems and activities
  • Resource allocation: ongoing design and attention to how resources come into NGL and how they flow within NGL (including people, money, materials, connections, etc.)
  • Scheduling and administration