Current Status (Nov 2018)

At present, the program is still in its design phase and operating a pilot launch. A design team of 20+ people has been working consistently since September 2017, comprising about 12 different teams working on different aspects of NGL design and maintenance.

The design team has been using principles and practices that emerge from the work that NGL brings to the world in how it’s been operating, most especially the principle of willingness. Everyone has been encouraged to do only what they have wholehearted willingness, availability, and know-how to do. Everyone has been encouraged to seek support when getting to the edge of capacity. Many of us have faced challenges and have learned and grown in the process.

The following list includes all who have been involved in the design at some point leading to initial launch:

Ann Osborne, USA

Ascaldeia Catwall, Czechia and Brazil

Cleona Lira, UK

Agnieszka Hyla, Poland

Davide Nuzzolo, Spain and Italy

Emma Quayle, UK

Eva Malířová, Czechia

Gunther Mild, Germany

Heather Austin, USA

Jacquie Duncan, USA

Jakub Lanc, Czechia

Joanna Berendt, Poland

Kacper Lemiesz, Poland

Kaliya Hamlin, USA

Leonie Smith, USA

Magdalena Baranska, Poland

Margo Dunlap, USA

Mary Goyer, USA

Miki Kashtan, USA

Pedro Rubio-Accendo, Spain

Tereza Cajkova, Czechia

Verene Nicolas, UK and France

Uma Lo, USA