Decision Making

Team Purpose

To steward value-aligned and needs-based decision making within the community.

System Purpose

To enable everybody in the community to step into their own leadership, and empower them to take decisions through a clear process which requires both a high level of personal responsibility and of care for and awareness of the community and its needs.


Everyone is invited to take action on any item, participate in any decision, or give feedback. We invite those making decisions to take ownership of that decision. Our intent is to make decisions based on needs.


Our primary decision-making process is the Advice Process described by F. Laloux with slight modifications. It means that any person/team can make any decision. Before doing so, that person/team is asked to seek advice from all affected parties, people with expertise on the matter, and people who are likely to oppose or block the decision.

When you notice your needs are unmet and you want to make a decision to change something, please activate the Advice Process on your own or with others. If you are unclear whether or how to initiate the Advice Process please:

    • seek the support of a decision-making coach, or
    • bring it to the appropriate team’s attention by offering feedback.
    • activate the conflict resolution system, if you are experiencing emotional charge or mistrust

As a community, we commit to the person’s or team’s final decision. Once a decision is made, it is active. If you disagree with a decision, you are welcome to give feedback to the person or team or to activate a new Advice Process about this topic. If you notice a high level of disagreement, please contact a decision-making coach or conflict coach.

We recommend moving from Advice Process to Convergent Facilitation when:

    • The topic has the potential of being deeply controversial.
    • Several people are strongly opposed to the proposed decision during the Advice Process.
    • The complexity of the decision suggests that Convergent Facilitation would produce a more creative outcome.

While we operate as a community within the Advice Process and Convergent Facilitation, in times of crisis the retreat team may assume power where top-down facilitation will more likely contribute to group safety.