Resource Flow


To steward the mechanisms by which resources flow towards and within NGL continually approximating a full gift economy


In our continual learning about how to shift from exchange and accumulation to gift and flow, we have discovered that focusing on certain principles assists us in staying the course:

  1. Choice and willingness: We aim to have each person exercise full choice about what they have the resources to do. We aim to have only that for which someone has whole-hearted willingness gets done. We aim to have only what any given person has resources for gets done. Only what the system has resources for gets done.
  2. Uncoupling giving from receiving: We aim to create a flow of resources from where they exist to where they are needed. When multiple needs are on the table, we aim to move resources to where they will have the most impact.
  3. Sustainability: We aim to have each person ask for what they need for sustainability regardless of how much they have worked, based purely on material needs, with clarity about why the request is made, while tying it to needs and to capacity to obtain resources elsewhere
  4. Transparency and trust: We aim to have all flow of resources happen with full transparency, connect with purpose, trust in the integrity of the entire community,  and given in full care.


Our team meets at least monthly to make decisions related to resources and to engage with learning about resources based on all activities within NGL, both online and during gatherings. The topics we discuss challenge us to deepen our own quest for recovering from millennia of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness as we regularly find ways in which our practices and decisions are still deeply influenced by the patriarchal narratives and structures within which we live. Our meetings tend to be intensive and rich for all of us, in part because one or the other of us will regularly come to an edge in understanding and capacity that, with support from others, breaks loose into ever more capacity for wildness.

Concretely, we monitor the flow of resources and steward the mechanisms by which requests — for financial resources and for support — are brought to people and thus allow NGL members to choose to orient towards them, and the ways that resources then flow to those who need them.