Marshall Rosenberg And Nonviolent Communication

The NGL framework was initially articulated by me from within my years of studying, integrating, applying, teaching, and writing about Nonviolent Communication (NVC). My gratitude to Marshall Rosenberg knows no bounds and the reverence with which I hold him as a human being and the work itself are intrinsic to who I am and everything I do. Marshall engaged for many years in research, application, and creative synthesis that led to the breakthrough principles and practices that make up the body of work that is NVC. In my understanding, only relatively small parts of his work are currently part of what is usually taught in NVC workshops. The NGL framework is, in part, my attempt to make more parts of it available and specified: the links to nonviolence, the understanding of the role of political and economic systems, the ways in which he understood social systems generally, and his understanding of the nature of power.

I was first introduced to NVC through my sister Arnina in 1993. It took me two whole years of tentative toe dipping before the first layer of the magnitude of the gift landed in me and I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to NVC. I consider Marshall one of the biggest gifts that life has given to humanity in these dark times. His thinking and practice have reframed everything I ever thought I knew. Everything within the NGL framework is, in one form or another, directly related to the wisdom he brought us and which is encoded within simple practices, memorable stories, and one-line principles. I believe that the “NVC as a Path of Liberation” packet captures most succinctly the way that NVC supports the core liberation practices at the heart of the NGL framework.

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