My sister Arnina and “The Compass”

It is through Arnina’s encounter with Marshall in Israel that both Inbal and I were introduced to NVC. I don’t believe there has been any other trio of sisters all of whom passionately dedicated their life to NVC other than the three of us. Arnina integrated what she learned from her encounters with Byron Katie with what she learned from NVC to form a new body of work she called “The Compass.” It actually took some years before she fully grasped that it was, indeed, a new body of work. Ever since Emma Quayle was exposed to the training, The Compass has been slowly integrated into the NGL framework and practice. One of the learning packets, still in development, is called “Core Elements of the Compass.” Some of the principles, insights, and practices from The Compass are integrated into the Vision Mobilization and the “Mobilizing toward Vision” packet, as well as into the “Liberation from socialization” packet, the “Organizational Systems Overview” packet, and each of the five system packets from the “Purpose and Values” category. In 2023, twenty-eight people from NGL are taking The Compass as part of a more focused intention to deepen the integration. There are many modalities for healing from trauma and for liberation, and The Compass feels the most relevant that I am aware of because it includes, within it, a collective understanding of trauma rooted in a systemic perspective. This integration is still unfolding.

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