Who we are

We are a community of people passionate about transforming our current global crises into a world that works for all, based on principles of collaboration and willingness. 

We are aware of how dominant structures of patriarchy and our social location affect our capacity to liberate ourselves and move towards vision. 

We are fueled by a sense of possibility and the willingness to share risks as we do our work. We are committed to embedding nonviolence, as a set of approaches, applications, principles, and practices that we call “the NGL framework” into all we do. 

This includes developing and applying a framework for attending to power differences of all kinds. We continually aim to take practical steps to apply our commitments to our own and others’ experimenting in bringing about our vision. 

We are lifelong apprentices on the path of deepening our practices of liberation, and increasing our capacity to embrace a truly global perspective caring for all life.

We want our work and learning to be of service to others, including especially those working with the global crises of the world to bring about systemic transformation on all levels. 

We want to provide a home to change agents to sustain their own liberation, find support, and resource their learning and growth. We love the opportunity to learn by doing and to align means with ends. 

We want to be part of a community where we can feel the integration of nonviolence all around us, where we are encouraged to stay within willingness, where we celebrate and mourn, and where we build trust in support of working together for a larger purpose. 

We want to restore, within and outside our community, our individual and collective capacity to live in choice, togetherness, and flow within the means of our planet.

FORTHCOMING: pictures and a bit about each of the few dozen of us that make it all happen.