Alper Süzer

*“Even the most luminous vision isn’t enough energy, by itself, to pull us out of the patriarchal “trance” with its many “grooves.” We need a stronger force field than the very gentle invitation that vision sends our way”  

**Practical Aspects of Restoring Flow Packet, Miki Kashtan 2023-03-18***


As I journey towards liberation and nonviolence with the tools NGL is offering, I am gradually becoming more aware how the systems of patriarchy have caused significant separation within the bodies and souls of all human beings, including me. The most prominent tools of patriarchy are shaming, comparing, and suppressing. And patriarchy doesn’t make space for mourning or give access to soft qualities.  


I am on this journey together with a community of high degree of shared risk. The support I receive from my community has allowed me to experiment with agreements that subvert patriarchy and offer us all the chance to live our vision in the present moment. Such a community of practice that shares a vision, committed to nonviolence and liberation in a full shared risk setup is an exact example of a stronger force field that Miki refers to.


To strengthen the force field that drives us towards our vision, two elements seem pivotal to me: purpose is one and agreements that are aligned with that purpose are the other. I am on a learning journey to integrate purpose into all aspects of my life.


The driving purpose for me as an individual is “to take an unshakable lead in sourcing from vision to be in complete and total service to life”


For my relationship “sensing and identifying the patriarchal grooves of family, parenting, dyadic couple field and take whatever baby steps possible to untwist them gently”


and finally in my role as designing and implementing the resource flow systems in NGL, “To design practical pathways for engaging with financial resources, making it possible to incrementally materialize the vision of resources flowing to needs as a lived reality within the NGL community”


I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1982, in a working class family during a time of fear and oppression following the 1980 coup d’état. I studied Aeronautical Engineering and did extensive work for Airbus. However, after becoming a parent in 2011, my priorities and orientation to life shifted. I realized that I wanted to accompany my children on their life’s journey, so I stepped into the unknown territory of parenthood. Now, I live with my four children Ayaz, Alin, Ateş, Maya Mey and with my partner Yaren in Ankara. I explore, together with 10-15 people from NGL community, in the context of Mycelium Community Living experiment the exciting topic of moving towards full shared risk: “What would be the conditions under which we could live together?”


I am also on the path of becoming a CNVC Certified Trainer and, if all goes as planned, will become certified in January 2024. I am also a part of the Turkish speaking NVC trainers group.

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