Fabian Kirsch

I am intrigued by the question of what masculinity would look like outside a patriarchal system. I believe that the answer is both beyond imagination for most of us and also something that would offer men a life so much richer than what they are used to. 


My main projects are currently to make patriarchy and male training visible to myself and others, as well as initiating, supporting and collaborating on various teams within NGL. 


Within the team work I am engaging with the questions “How can we increase the impact of what we are holding on the world while caring with rigour for its essence?”, “How do we create fruitful teams and projects while being fully committed to the principle of willingness (i.e. everyone just does what they are truly willing to do)?” or “How do we choose for whom to be on a team or project without anyone deciding for anyone else?”.  


I’m living together with five adults and six young children in the middle of Germany.

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