Roni Wiener

I dedicate my energy to accelerating the global shift toward decisions that care for all life. I spend most of my time developing, teaching, and facilitating decision-making processes and interdependent systems. I focus on creating sustainable change that gradually integrates innovative practices.


I’m currently most passionate about supporting organizations and communities in cultivating a culture where everyone’s needs matter. I enjoy facilitating highly controversial and polarized decisions where I can contribute my integration skills to find creative solutions that work for everyone. I draw on gift economy principles to keep my work sustainable and prioritize the needs of people with less access to resources.


I orient to each day with a sense of reverence as an opportunity to embody, inspire, and support interdependent collaboration. I engage in rigorous practices to transform separation within myself and then share what I learn with others. I embed myself in pods and communities, weaving my tiny and vital part of the living web that enables organic integration of all needs, resources, and impacts.


My life journey began in Israel, surrounded by violence and manufactured scarcity. At 19 I immigrated to the United States in search of financial security and was lulled into complacency by living the American dream. Achieving “the dream” made it painfully clear how empty and coercive it was. I slowly became disillusioned with capitalist narratives, chose to exit the corporate environment, and committed myself to nonviolence and social change. Along the way, I spent two decades of consulting focused on transforming collaboration practices and got a degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Studies.


I recently relocated to the Netherlands, where I hope to establish or join a sustainable local community rooted in shared risk, self-responsibility, and trust. I am holding small gatherings every few months to seed a collective or pod for interdependent collaboration.

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