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NGL Introduction Calls

After a brief hiatus, the NGL Intros are being offered in a new format starting January 2024. These 2-hour intensive dips on different topics are offered each month, covering the entire range of what we engage with within NGL, from the most intimate aspects of individual living to grappling with questions about global governance.

These monthly opportunities to learn the NGL framework are the sum total of Miki’s work since 1995 including the co-creative learning that has been happening since NGL came into existence in 2017. 

They are offered by Miki Kashtan at rotating times, to make them accessible to people in more parts of the world. You can learn more and register here.

NGL Introduction Calls

Weaving Togetherness Lab

An intensive facilitation training for realigning humanity with life

The purpose of the Weaving Togetherness Lab is to support the emergence of a tight-knit group of people who see themselves as a force for realigning humanity with life through weaving togetherness everywhere they are.

The primary form that we intend learning to take is live, emergent, and dialogical, leaning on role playing situations and facilitation with coaching from Miki and others.

In unpacking each step of each process, we anticipate this being a live action, slow motion, deep dive into the consciousness, tools, and moves of togetherness weaving.

The lab will take place in 36 sessions over the course of 2024, organized into six series of six sessions each. We offer the option of signing up for one series at a time or for a full year, and to join the program later in the year.

They are offered by Miki and a small group of NGL practitioners who are, in turn, coached by Miki. You can learn more and register here.

Nonviolent Activism for Liberation

These calls are offered monthly and are an opportunity for people who are yearning for companionship to immerse deeply in the experience of nonviolence and the rigor of its implications for activists.

They are offered by Miki Kashtan and co-held with Madi Loustalot and Mariam Gafforio. You can learn more and register here.

Madi Miki and Mars

Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Course

This is a yearlong course that is an opportunity for deep dive into what it means to step into the fullness of our power to act as leaders in times of great peril for humanity and all life. Participants are from all over the globe. In 2023, there were close to 400 people registered, of whom about 100 come every week. This may seem like a lot, and yet the sense of community and intimacy is palpable.

This has been offered by Miki Kashtan annually since since 2017. You can learn more and register for the 2024 course here.


Global Sisterhood from the Ground Up

‘Global Sisterhood from Ground Up’ is a self directed learning program created for women from marginalised groups, designed to offer concentrated resources to women who specifically see the NGL approach as a path to individual and collective liberation that they want to be part of and support. 

This program is based on the premise that supporting women’s leadership in the areas of liberation and nonviolence is a revolutionary path towards a livable future, because of the specific ways that the subordination of women has been integral and primary to patriarchy.

You can read the full program description here.

Nonviolent Global Liberation Community