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NGL Introduction Calls

These are 3-hour intensive dips on different topics each month, covering the entire range of what we engage with within NGL, from the most intimate aspects of individual living to grappling with questions about global governance.

These monthly opportunities to learn the NGL framework are the sum total of Miki’s work since 1995 including the co-creative learning that has been happening since NGL came into existence in 2017.

They are offered by Miki Kashtan at rotating times. You can learn more and register here.

NGL Introduction Calls

NVC for Liberation

We are putting on these 4-part workshops, in part, in an effort to show that NVC (Nonviolent Communication) can significantly empower efforts to overcome oppression if taught through a systems-lens.

We had the first of the series in May, which focused on choice, and another one in September 2022, focused on restoring togetherness.

We are aware how isolated many of us feel and/or how weary we have become to work with others due to the prevalence of conflict in grassroots projects or activist groups.

These workshops may be of interest to activists and an opportunity for NVC practitioners to deepen their understanding of the systemic and political implications of NVC. 

They are offered by Verene Nicolas, Menaka Neotia, and several others within NGL. You can learn more about the past workshops and future offerings here.

Conflict-Engagement Coaching Calls

Whether our species can shift the current trajectory toward global social collapse and mass extinction may in fact depend on our capacity to figure out creative ways to intervene in polarized conflicts related to crises, which prevent us from coming together at the level necessary to face extremely high-stakes global dilemmas, such as climate change.

These calls are offered most months and are hands-on accompaniment for those who want to be prepared to support their families, communities, movements, and organizations in attending to conflict, both interpersonally and systemically.

They are offered by Mariam (Mars) Gafforio. You can learn more and register here.

Conflict-Engagement Coaching Calls

Nonviolent Activism for Liberation

These calls are offered at least monthly and are an opportunity for people who are yearning for companionship to immerse deeply in the experience of nonviolence and the rigor of its implications for activism.

They are offered by Miki Kashtan and co-held with Madi Loustalot and Mariam Gafforio. You can learn more and register here.

Nonviolent Activism for Liberation

Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Course

This is a yearlong course that is an opportunity for deep dive into what it means to step into the fullness of our power to act as leaders in times of great peril for humanity and all life. Participants are from all over the globe. In 2023, there are close to 400 people registered, of whom about 100 come every week. This may seem like a lot, and yet the sense of community and intimacy is palpable.

This course has been offered by Miki Kashtan annually since since 2017. You can learn more and register here.

Responding to the Call of Our Times - A Leadership Coaching Course

Liberation for All: Power, Privilege, and Our Collective Future

The aim of this course is to invite those of us who have been learning, integrating, and applying NVC for some time, especially those already sharing NVC with others, to a passionate exploration of what we need to do so that everyone has the most possibility of engaging with self and others in ways that align with the vision of liberation for all. 

In December 2022 Miki Kashtan, Aurélia Saint Just, and Menaka Neotia offered their first course in this area through the NVC Academy.

They are planning more courses in this area over the coming period.

Liberation for All - Power, Privilege, and Our Collective Future

Global Sisterhood from the Ground Up

‘Global Sisterhood from Ground Up’ is a self directed learning program created for women from marginalised groups, designed to offer concentrated resources to women who specifically see the NGL approach as a path to individual and collective liberation that they want to be part of and support. 

This program is based on the premise that supporting women’s leadership in the areas of liberation and nonviolence is a revolutionary path towards a livable future, because of the specific ways that the subordination of women has been integral and primary to patriarchy.

You can read the full program description here.

Nonviolent Global Liberation Community