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What is the NGL Friends email list?

This list is for you to receive email communications from NGL about relevant information pertaining to the Friends program and invitations to any calls all NGL Friends are invited to. If you receive an invitation to a call, the event will appear on the calendar of the address you signed up to this list with, and you can indicate there or in the email invitation if you plan to attend the call. You may unsubscribe from this email list at any time by following the link at the bottom of this email.

We anticipate that you will likely receive invitations to mostly two types of meetings:

1 – Individual offerings from NGL members, in which you are invited to participate.

2 – NGL team meetings, in which you are invited to observe.

Individual Offerings – When you are invited to individual offerings from NGL members, such as coaching calls, it’s likely that you’ll be invited to engage, ask questions and fully interact with other NGL Members and NGL Friends. The description added in the calendar invitation will give you clarity about the purpose of the call and you can also clarify the expectation around NGL Friends participation with the host.

Team Meetings – On the other hand, when you’re invited to a NGL team meeting, you will most likely be invited to be an observer. This will support teams to achieve the purpose of their calls while building relationships with NGL Friends. The purpose of NGL Friends joining team calls is:

  • To observe, learn, and support the team by giving feedback and appreciation, and gradually build relationships.
  • Once you and a team, or a member of the NGL Design and Maintenance Team, have developed a relationship of familiarity and trust, and there is a specific need within the team for a new member, and you have absorbed enough learning for the transition to be fluid, you may be invited to join a team or to start a new team or project within NGL.
  • Please notice that at this stage, NGL Friends are not invited to make requests to join an NGL Team, though we are designing a process that would make this possible.

The current suggested process for NGL Friends’ participation on team calls is:

  • NGL Friends start with their cameras switched on, so everyone can see one another and know who is there.
  • You are invited to give a brief one-sentence check-in about what moved you to come to this call and are then asked to turn your camera off (unless otherwise requested by the facilitator).
  • You do not actively participate in the team call and do not have access to shared documents nor recordings.
  • At the end of the call, you are invited by the facilitator to turn on your camera and to share with the team what you got from being on the call.

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