Join the NGL Friends Group

What is the NGL Friends Google group?

The NGL Friends Google Group provides access to NGL content and events. We ask all NGL friends to join this group to support ease in participation. We also ask that you take a moment to choose how you would like to stay in touch with NGL members by configuring your group settings.

It’s very likely that you have already joined this group during the process of becoming an NGL Friend. If you did it, then you don’t need to join it again (unless you left the group at some point).

You only need to join the group once, and you will lose access to all NGL content if you leave the group. All NGL members (and only members) have access to send emails to the group (at You can choose if you’d like to receive these emails by changing your group Subscription settings.

We use a separate group ( for calendar invites, please visit the NGL Friends Calendar page for details.

We anticipate that you will likely receive emails with updates about team activities, NGL news, requests for support, offerings, celebrations, and email invitations for special community events (separate from any calendar invitations). Remember that joining the NGL Friends group will not automatically send you calendar invitations.

If you have any questions or concerns about an email you receive from NGL, please contact us at

Our capacity to answer promptly may be limited and we thank you in advance for your patience.