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In order for you to receive an email with an invitation to calls, NGL Friends are invited to sign up for the NGL Friends Google Group.  Please follow this link to sign up:!forum/nglfriends

The events will appear on the calendar of the address you signed up with.  Please indicate in the calendar invite, or in the email invitation you receive, if you plan to attend a call.

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2- Set up your preferred method to receive invitations to calls.

Starting from April 3rd, 2021, we have set up a new NGL Friends calendar with the purpose of making your experience with invitations to calls easier.

The new NGL calendar system provides more flexibility and choice for how you receive event information. We hope this makes it easier to find out what is happening without overloading your mailbox.

After you got the confirmation that you signed up successfully in the Google Group, please read this document and set up a method that will work best for you. Don’t press “request access” if you can’t access the document yet, it will only work once your registration is complete.

Options include

  • adding the shared calendar to your Google account
  • receiving email invitations to your personal calendar
  • and manually checking the NGL Friends calendar on our site.

You may also want to provide feedback or read the FAQs at the bottom of the document.

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