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Yes, we would love you to become an NGL Friend!

Fox, Sabrina and Yanae are the Welcome Crew which has the purpose of creating a bridge to ease prospective and new NGL Friends experience of landing within NGL. They run regular Welcoming Sessions where new NGL Friends can meet each other and ask any questions they might have. If you are experiencing difficulty with the sign-up process and are needing support you can contact them by writing to welcoming-friends at

So what is an NGL Friend?

An NGL Friend is someone who is inspired by our vision and moved to actively join us in manifesting this vision and enjoying its fruits. You are invited to access much of what goes on in NGL. You will be like an extended family member. Being an NGL Friend is all about being a part of the action and nurturing NGL, yet without the primary responsibility for designing and maintaining it. This means you are invited to:

    • attend coaching calls offered by NGL providers or community members, of which there are several each month;
    • attend a variety of NGL Online working team calls to experience first hand how we operate internally;
    • get involved with ongoing projects, based on an invitation from an existing team;
    • contribute to specific tasks in collaboration with an NGL Online team member;
    • be in community with people who are seeking or are attracted to something that is boldly aiming to undo the harms of patriarchy and;
    • integrate the benefits of our systems and philosophies into their daily lives.

As a member of the community, you become a vital element of NGL, nurturing a group of practitioners and leaders as active co-learners committed to Nonviolent Global Liberation.

We are still a young and rapidly growing group, and we need a lot more nurturing than we can give. We also know that the more you engage with us, the deeper our relationship will be.

In addition to nourishing all of our spirits and pulling us all forward into deeper exploration by gifting us with the energy of your presence, curiosity, and interest – here are some additional ways we know are sure to nurture us and support NGL’s thriving:

    • regularly attending calls so that we get to know one another and develop a deeper sense of co-holding;
    • gifting us money to support our material sustainability;
    • taking on specific tasks, in collaboration with an NGL Online team member; and
    • over time, as the relationship builds, and when a team member is ready to invite you to be a full member, bringing your fresh perspective to us by joining a NGL Online team.

The invitation…

We invite you to take a front-row seat to see a group of people aiming for full collaboration and grappling with what it would mean to completely undo the patriarchal paradigm. This offers you the opportunity to witness first-hand how the community functions and very tangibly get things done.

This is, we believe, a unique invitation to interact with a project of which there are very few models. We are seeding the world, gifting it, to anyone who wants to come. We offer you the opportunity to contribute and be involved with something that has become deeply meaningful to each person involved in its creation so far.

Our requests to NGL Friends

As an NGL Friend, we request that you co-hold responsibility for our commitment to the gift economy, which permeates the functioning and spirit of the whole community. Operating in the gift economy means that what we give is neither given for free nor in exchange for anything. It is given freely in complete willingness and trust that when we share what it is that we need to thrive, within a group of people who share our vision, resources will organically flow to meet those needs. This is the fundamental trust that drives all those who choose to embrace the gift economy..

4 steps to becoming an NGL Friend

At the bottom of this page, when you click “Become an NGL Friend”, you will be taken through four sections.

1. At the end of each section you will be asked to give a number between 0 and 10 relative to your level of appreciation / alignment / willingness for what you have read, with 0 being ‘Not in alignment’ and 10 being ‘Fully aligned’

    • The purpose of this is to provide us with feedback on how this content is received (your feedback will be precious in terms of assessing if we are matching our purpose), and provide you with a moment to connect with what we are asking of you and why and to align your intention with what we believe nurtures all of us on this journey.

2. On the second to last page, you will be asked to make a monthly contribution towards NGL’s sustainability.

    • Being committed to the gift economy means that we are completely and totally open to any amount, including zero ($0). We truly have no expectation of the amount being more than zero ($0) if that is the truth of how your life unfolds, where even a small amount of money per month would compromise your ability to attend to ongoing basic needs. There is a fervent desire that you engage with the question of whether or not, and how much, to give, to the point of making a clear choice based on needs rather than exchange, obligation, assessment of “market value”, or anything else.

3. You will then be added to a google group and receive a confirmation email.

4. After that, you will be able to access the following resources available only to NGL Friends:

  • receive invitations via your email to observe calls (by signing up to the Google Group at the end of this sign-up process);
  • view information about how you can join an NGL Online team in support of the design or maintenance of NGL, if you wish and once sufficient relationships have been established;
  • view overviews of our systems documents and learn more about how NGL works; and
  • get extended access to documents you may need for a task if necessary, as a ‘Contributor’, in collaboration with an NGL Online team member.

We suggest having at least 30 minutes to read and reflect on the following sections.

Let’s Go!

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