Knowing we are surrounded by a community that is consciously interacting with NGL is an integral part of our resourcing. All NGL Friends are requested to contribute financially to NGL only if you are able, through contributions on a monthly basis. We ask that the amount of the contribution be consciously decided. Given this is a gift economy, we are completely and totally open to the amount being zero ($0) if even a small monthly contribution would compromise your ability to attend to your or your family’s ongoing basic needs. If you have the capacity to contribute and not the willingness to contribute, it likely isn’t a fit for you to become an NGL Friend, because we want to engage with people who want to contribute to us, whether or not they can.

Almost the entirety of the work that’s been done so far within NGL has been done by us while stretching deeply in our own capacity to sustain ourselves without receiving almost no money from NGL. We are longing for relief from that, and the possibility of nourishing ourselves while doing this work is exciting to us, as is the possibility of expanding our capacity to do even more work as we become more resourced.

Our sustainability, even while many NGL Friends might not be able to contribute anything, will likely arise from many people contributing very small amounts (e.g. $1 a month, especially if you are coming from the Global South), a significant number of people contributing larger amounts (e.g. $30 a month), and a few people contributing much larger amounts (e.g. $1,000 a month) to create sufficiency.

Creating a sustainable base of recurring contributions rather than one-time contributions is what will provide us with ongoing resourcing and stability. One-time contributions are like infrequent injections of fuel while ongoing, monthly contributions are what form the basis of our capacity to do our work over time. We request that you consider making a monthly contribution instead of a one-time contribution, no matter how small the amount, if you have the capacity and willingness to do so.

If you are willing and able to contribute, please click below to get to the PayPal window, pick your number, and then tick the “Make this a monthly donation” box. After you complete your registration, you may change your monthly amount at any time from within your control panel. If you want to donate and cannot make a contribution via Paypal, please write us @

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