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Please Follow These THREE Steps to complete this process

1- Join the Google Group to receive invitations to calls

If you have a Google Account, it is helpful to use your Google account to sign up even if it is not the same one as the one you used for signing up on the website. If you do use a different email, please remember to include your full name when you apply to join the NGL Friend google group so that we can identify you when approving your request.

To receive NGL Friends please follow this link to sign up:

Through this Google Group you will receive correspondence from the community and have access to most of the NGL materials, including the NGL Friends landing page for more orientation information.

Overwhelm Alert! Once you sign up you will be sent a lot of calendar invitations at once, this happens only once at the beginning. 

2- NGL Friends Calendar

You will receive a confirmation email in the next day or two to confirm your subscription to the NGL Friends Google Group. This email contains a link that you can use to sign up to the NGL Friends Calendar.

If you do not follow the instructions in that email you will miss out on important details needed to attend our events.

3- Join the Friends email list below so we can contact you

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