Notes about the mission

In the early days of establishing NGL, we put a lot of energy and focus on experimenting with how we run meetings. At present, this is not an active experiment, and yet when people observe our meetings, they are astounded to see how differently we function from how meetings at their workplaces unfold. This is because through earlier experiments we have integrated a way of orienting to each other and to purpose that, for now, is sufficiently aligned with vision for us. And a point may come where, given our rigor in wanting to approximate vision even more in how we function, we will sense that maybe there is some slippage and we may take on a new experiment in this area.

Similarly, the same activity can be part of different experiments with truth at different times or in different ways. For example, sorting recordings can be part of an experiment in shifting power dynamics, part of an experiment about feedback flow EwT, part of what we call liberation logistics, or something else.

It has taken us several years to come to a place of clarity about what exactly we are doing and how to speak about it. Our work is inherently nonlinear because of the depth of rigor necessary to sustain changing the paradigm in everything we do, which makes everything happen all at once all the time. In addition, in the process of doing this project, we came to see that in a very real way what we are doing is establishing a way of being and that asking or trying to explain what we do is not the full picture.

We recognize that our choice about how to frame our mission might be confusing given how used we all are to linear ways of presenting information. We want to name some of the reasons for choosing this approach to our mission, part of which is a summary of the above text:

        • It captures the energetic flavor of how we function, which is nonlinear and emerges from within interdependence.
        • Having the elements intentionally overlapping and not mutually exclusive is an expression of an aspect of what supports our resilience: both in terms of having viable options when one option runs into obstacles and in terms of space for the work to evolve organically.
        • It supports us in not having to rewrite our mission every time we discover a new experiment, which gives us flexibility: this way of organizing is high level enough and specific enough.
        • It allows us to do all of them in parallel, so each element can have its own energy: e.g., we don’t need to wait for something to end before sharing it, and we don’t need to be done with sharing something before we engage with new experiments.
        • It accurately reflects the reality of our attempts to stack functions with all we do, which means that any project or team may find itself in multiple places within the mission.
Nonviolent Global Liberation Community