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Take a step towards a global gift economy

If you are here because you want to contribute financially to our work and you are ready to do so now, you are welcome to go straight to PayPal to do so. We are immensely grateful for every contribution.

We also invite you to continue to read more and learn about our grand experiment with sustaining all the work we do within the gift economy.

Our purpose as the Resource Flow team is to steward NGL’s resources with reverence and build pathways for a maternal gift economy future.

Everything we do in the NGL Community – all our projects, all our courses and other offerings – are offered as a gift. This is one of our core experiments: how do we sustain the work of dozens of individuals entirely based on needs, without any exchange or incentives?

This is where you come in.

Three times a year, we organize a Financial Gift Hub in NGL. Everyone who contributes their life energy to bringing NGL’s purpose into the world, both internally and when we offer our learning to others, is then invited to make a financial request that would support their material needs.

We then ask our larger community, which includes those we serve directly and goes far beyond them, to support the NGL Community in thriving by contributing financially towards those requests. Everyone is asked to contribute financially, including those who contribute their life energy, because we uncouple giving from receiving and base everything on needs. Sometimes, people contribute both many hours of work and money. We are blessed to have so many who are passionately connected to us and want to see us thrive.

We invite you to join this group by contributing to us at this time, the second of three invitations we are making this year, and the first one ever that we are opening to people outside the NGL community. This is a big moment for us.

If you would like to learn more about what we offer, please check here.

NGL Community needs

The total full request for September – December 2023 from the 30 people who currently contribute their life energy to NGL and were invited to make a request is $143,715 and the total minimum request is $87,521. We define a full request as an amount that would support people in thriving and relaxing, and invite people to make that known regardless of any financial constraints that exist in NGL. We define the minimum request as what is absolutely necessary to sustain the bare minimum, without which there are likely to be serious impacts. And we also invite people to name their restrained request, what goes beyond the minimum and makes it possible to sustain themselves without significant impacts.

Some of you are receiving this invitation to contribute for the first time and we want to remind everyone that every little bit counts and that we only want to receive money that is freely given. We trust that we will find creative ways other than money to attend to our needs beyond what we receive. We always have.

We have, currently available from ongoing contributions from those who want to support us and from gifts related to our work in the world, $85,949. This is almost enough to cover the minimum request, and not quite so. It leaves us more in need than we were last time we turned to you, when the minimum request was well covered and even the restrained request was.

At present, our current resources are $1,572 short of covering the minimum requests, and $57,766 to cover the full requests.

Making an actual financial contribution

If you want to support us to continue to offer what we are offering to the world, please contribute. Here’s a PayPal link you can use to make it. 

If you are challenged to contribute using the PayPal link, contact us here for other methods of contributing. Bear in mind that you don’t need to have a PayPal account to use it; any credit card is enough.

Other ways to contribute

We also invite you to become an NGL friend for more ongoing involvement, to learn together with us, and to contribute your life energy in the form of doing tasks or joining a team.

In gratitude,

The NGL Resource Flow team

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